COAST whole milk powder is made from delicious pure cow's milk, known and famous in the DRC for over 30 years, its benefits and taste are appreciated by all.

COAST Whole Milk Powder offers a rich, creamy taste and contains important nutrients such as Calcium, Protein and Vitamin A.

It is a natural product without preservatives which can be used not only in consuming as a healthy drink but can also be used in cooking, baking and cereals.

COAST packaging offers practicality due to the resealable boxes.

Available in the following formats:

  • 400g

    Box of 24 tins

  • 900g

    Box of 12 tins

  • 1800g

    Box of 6 Tins

  • 2500g

    Box of 6 Tins

Manufactured in Holland

Gicodis- Exclusive representant in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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